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iCal. Get it together.

Why keep all the amazing features of iCal to yourself? With Mac OS X Leopard, everyone in your group, family, or company can share calendars, schedule events, and exchange information using iCal.

Gather ’round

CalDAV logo

Simply posting your group’s calendar to the Internet is a one-way transaction. Turn it into a conversation with iCal sharing in Leopard. Whether you’ve got an activities calendar or a work schedule, your friends, family, and colleagues can participate in managing the group’s events, thanks to support for the CalDAV standard in iCal.

See who’s free

Make things happen with group scheduling in iCal for Leopard. Forget the guesswork and send meeting or activity invitations when you know people can attend. With iCal, you can view attendees’ availability before you schedule a meeting. Of course, if you’d rather let iCal do the legwork for you, a new Auto Schedule feature finds the best time for everyone.

Get the drop on it

iCal for Leopard introduces a new way to share the files and information you need to carry off a successful meeting or event. With the event dropbox, anyone attending an event can share documents, contacts — even video — by simply dragging them into an event. Not using an iCal server to schedule your event? You can still stay organized by dropping files into your events and sharing them by sending invitations that contain your dropbox contents.

Room service

iCal for Leopard not only puts all your people in one place, it reserves the place, too. Reserve meeting rooms and equipment as you create your meeting invitations. When you add a room or resource to your invitation, iCal displays its availability.

All features referenced in the Mac OS X Leopard Sneak Peek are subject to change.


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