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Spotlight. Expand your search.

With Mac OS X Leopard, the search that finds anything on your Mac will find anything on all your Macs. Use Spotlight to search beyond your desktop across network-mounted folders on other Macs. Combine that with improved performance and the convenience of a Quick Look preview, and Spotlight for Leopard is one maximum-strength search.

Search party

More haystacks? No problem. Spotlight for Leopard finds what you’re looking for on other Macs, including servers running Mac OS X Leopard Server. Just set up your remote Macs for file sharing and Spotlight includes results from those machines in your search. That’s one-stop searching on any Leopard machine with access to your network.

Quick on the draw

Sometimes you just don’t want to wait. That’s why Leopard introduces Quick Look, a new way to preview a document, picture, or slideshow in a single click, without opening an application. Select a search result and Quick Look displays the result — an iPhoto snapshot, a PDF, an Address Book contact — in a graphic overlay. Quick Look even plays your QuickTime movies, right in the preview window.

Look deeper

In Leopard, Spotlight provides a richer syntax so you can search for more specific sets of things. Use new boolean logic to narrow search results by entering “AND,” “OR,” and “NOT” into a search request. You can also search using specific file attributes — author, type, or keyword, for example.

All features referenced in the Mac OS X Leopard Sneak Peek are subject to change.


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