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Mail. You’ve got more.

With Mac OS X Leopard, Mail transforms mere email into personalized stationery. A virtual memo pad accessible from anywhere. To-do lists that can change as often as your errands do. For everything you do with email — and some things you haven’t thought of yet — there’s Mail.

Sincerely yours

Mail for Leopard features more than 30 professionally designed stationery templates that make a virtual keepsake out of every email you send. From invitations to birthday greetings to travelogues, each stationery template features coordinated layouts, fonts, and colors — everything’s designed to keep your mind on the message. You can even effortlessly add pictures to your email via a new Media Browser. Just find the perfect photo and drag it onto your template. Hit “Send” and get ready for some astonished replies from everyone — even folks on PCs.

Mail on Desktop Note icon

Noteworthy, indeed

Ever email yourself a quick reminder that ends up lost in your inbox? Mail makes it more convenient to capture and organize all your thoughts into handy notes you can access from anywhere. To write yourself a note in Mail, click on the Note icon and start typing. Brainstorm ideas, jot down lecture notes, or just scribble down a phone number — Mail notes can include graphics, colored text, and attachments. Group your notes into folders or create Smart Mailboxes that automatically group your notes based on topic or interest. Since your notes folder behaves just like an email Mailbox, you can retrieve and read notes from any Mac or PC.

To-Do list Note icon

Much ado about To-Dos

Forget manually entering a new item to your to-do list every time an email hits your inbox. With Mail for Leopard, simply click an email or note to create a new To-Do. Include a due date, an alarm, or assign priorities. To-Dos you create in Mail automagically appear in iCal, complete with any edits or additions you make.

RSS feeds

Stop the presses

Thanks to new support for RSS in Leopard Mail, you’ll never miss another article. All the news you’re most interested in is delivered right to you. Just subscribe to an RSS feed in Mail and you’ll know the moment an article hits the wire. Even better, that same article will be waiting in your inbox. Quickly scan headlines and jump between feeds via the streamlined interface. And sorting your news is easy, too. Just set up a Smart Mailbox using search terms that pique your interest and Mail dynamically updates it when relevant articles are posted to your subscribed feeds.

All features referenced in the Mac OS X Leopard Sneak Peek are subject to change.


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