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Time Machine. Debugging, debugged.

Xcode 3.0 delivers the performance you’ve been asking for as well as innovations that let you create stunning Mac applications more quickly, with more features. Enjoy a graphical IDE in which form focuses your functions. Delight in a debugger so groundbreaking, you’ll make mistakes just to see it in action. Add finishing touches to your programs that will make your customers’ jaws drop. All with one hand tied behind your back, and Xcode 3.0. Finally.

Stay on target

Today’s coding environments are simply more distracting than those of yesteryear. Mail notifications, chat status beeps, the barista bussing your table, dual cores and multithreading letting you do more without running out of resources — all this adds up. While you can do so much more today, sometimes, you just need help concentrating on the smallest loop. Enter the new Xcode 3.0 text editor that offers an elegant ribbon to highlight scope.

iChat-like message bubbles provide a snazzy way to read build errors, breakpoint definitions, and debug values — all displayed inline with the relevant source code, so you know just where you your colleagues went so very, very wrong. Staying focused in one window lets you stay focused. You’ll also enjoy snappier performance, as Xcode 3.0 loads source files four times more quickly than previous versions.

Interface Builder 3

If you build it they will come

Interface Builder 3.0 lets you drag and drop even more luscious behaviors into your application. Want to imitate the iChat sliding list view? It’s a matter of minutes, not days. Or add Keynote-like transitions to make your applications drag and stun. But enhancements aren’t all about pretty faces, Interface Builder 3.0 makes localization and diffing easier. And you can include your NIBs in global refactoring tasks. Make beautiful applications, elegantly and easily with Interface Builder 3.0.

XRay interface

Track down problems

When you need a bit more help in debugging, Xcode 3.0 offers an extraordinary new program, Xray. Taking its interface cues from timeline editors such as GarageBand, now you can visualize application performance like nothing you’ve seen before. Add different instruments so you can instantly see the results of code analyzers. Truly track read/write actions, UI events, and CPU load at the same time, so you can more easily determine relationships between them. Many such Xray instruments leverage the open source DTrace, now built into Mac OS X Leopard. Xray. Because it’s 2006.

All features referenced in the Mac OS X Leopard Sneak Peek are subject to change.


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